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Nov 17
Webinaire - Supporting refugee and asylum-seeking families during COVID-19 : challenges and possibilities

Supporting refugee and asylum seeking families during COVID-19: challenges and possibilities

This new webinar is part of our series of 3 on the well-being of healthcare workers and the support of refugees during COVID-19. This presentation will focus on the intervention with refugee or asylum-seeking families and their children, including intervening using virtual platforms.

Rachel Kronick, child and adolescent psychiatrist at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal, will develop the following points:

  • The unique and shared psychosocial stressors experienced by refugees and asylum seekers during COVID-19: pre-migration trauma, post-traumatic resilience, structural and socioeconomic disadvantages (social determinants of refugee mental health);
  • What are some enduring principals we can use to guide our interventions (for example, the ADAPT model from Derrick Silove);
  • What are the specific needs of families: how can we support adolescents? How can we support children with special needs in refugee families?
  • How can we use telepsychiatry (virtual interventions) effectively? What are the possibilities and limitations.

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Une infographie a été produite par le CERDA afin d’illustrer une partie des propos de la présentatrice : « COVID-19 et intervention : optimiser la télépratique« .

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